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Award Pool is an integrated white-label platform that empowers brands and creators with  engagement tools and features to build, engage, reward and monetize their communities with unique experiences and digital rewards.

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Latest articles

“We found creative ways for our community to engage with our content.

Working with the Award Pool team we were able to communicate our goals of getting listed on gate.io and driving more awareness of our services. We collaborated with the AP team to find creative ways for our community to engage with our content. We are excited to have the Award Pool tool become a staple in our marketing strategies moving forward!

Ian Friend
Co-Founder and COO, Ferrum Network

"Their expertise in esports & blockchain have helped us merge two industries"

Award Pool helped us create, launch and run the Veterans Bowl for the last two years. Their selfless dedication to helping us raise awareness to veterans' mental health has been absolutely phenomenal. The expertise that they have in both esports and blockchain have helped us merge two industries in ways we couldn't imagine and the entire team has been involved in some capacity. We are beyond grateful for the relationship with Award Pool.

Rod Lee
Co-Founder, Prjkt Vet

"Award Pool is the tech that any project or idea can use to rise above the crowd"

We experienced the "Award Pool Effect" when we ran our first campaign to help us win an exchange contest for OKx. Our community and user base enjoyed the social interactions and the NFT driven engagement for adding to their personal collection. We noticed a major uptick in activity and our social media presence grew a significant chunk from our campaign. Most importantly we won the contest vs. projects with more clout and funding. Using Award Pool has increased the effectiveness of our ROI on social captial and opened the doors to many crypto enthusiasts to discover our products. This has led to new community members staying long term to be a part of our ecosystem.

Jordan Charters
Co-Founder of PolyDoge