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Award Pool is an automated end-to-end esports management system

Designed for leagues, teams, tournament organizers and players. Award Pool makes it easy to manage esports competitions
from ticket sales and competition buy-ins to awarding and managing winners.

Pro-Level Tools

Get the tools! All the tools you need to build and manage a tournament. Define the rules, prizes and schedule then use the Event Dashboard for details, awards, tickets and settings. Lastly, take advantage of the Financial Dashboard to handle the participants, payments and taxes.

Brackets & Ladders

Get structured! Choose your own tournament structure (in-person or online) including event details, brackets, registration, check-in, leaderboard, ticketing, and pay-out options (percentages, winner take all etc.).

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Tournament Management

Get organized! Easily create online or live esports tournaments. Choose single elimination, double elimination or round-robin brackets with an unlimited amount of teams. Registration options include paid, free and donation. Matches are generated and scheduled automatically.

Match Details & Reporting

Get connected! Team administrators can communicate with each other to set up match times, and after completion, upload screenshots and report match scores.

Sponsorships & Finance

Get found! Award Pool helps players find esports sponsorships for their team, tournament or league. Manage all the business aspects of a professional esports franchise.


Get scheduled! With leagues and tournaments, week to week schedules and tournament brackets can be generated with a few clicks. Keep track of team meetings, training, schedules all in one convenient place.

User Roles

Get rolling! Grant privileges and access to different users, such a s coaches, players, administrative staff etc to help delegate tasks and manage the team.

League Management

Get playing! Create league and season competitions with an unlimited number of teams. Choose the game, format, roster size, matches per team and other settings to fully customize the ideal league competition experience.

Gamer Challenges

Challenges allow you to build action combinations including social media actions, tournaments, sign-ups and more. Our range of action combinations, integrations and features help you build a wide variety of campaigns all within a widget you can host on your website.

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