Award Gamers with Engaging Challenges

Manage, gamify your online experience

Gamers are interacting and sharing their interests through communities and social circles inside the games they play online. Getting them engaged through social media and rewarding challenges will keep the excitement for your brand alive.

With Award Pool, gamers participate in challenges and competitions, earn points, customizable rewards and redeem prizes through an easy-to-use platform.

For Companies & Brands

  • Engage & educate your customers
  • Encourage users to share their experience
  • Collect payments & donations
  • Integrated into your existing site
  • Automatically collect in-game stats
  • Customized leaderboards & competitions
  • Create your own virtual game currency
  • For Gamers & Consumers

  • A competitive atmosphere
  • Ongoing games and challenges
  • Connect with unique brands
  • Redeem gift cards & Visa debit cards
  • Customizable points, rewards & badges
  • Match Making & Leaderboards
  • Most Competitions are free to play
  • Create & Manage Compelling Campaigns

    With Award Pool, brands and companies can create unique, branded online challenges for their customers. Award Pool has hundreds of options to engage and reward your customers. Integrated registration options include paid, free, social actions, competitions, point/game currencies and donation. Matches are generated and scheduled automatically.

    Browse the features and capabilities listed below to learn more about the enterprise-level tools, payment and reward systems, match details and reporting, brackets and ladders, social media actions and game integration features available on Award Pool.

    Enterprise Level Tools

    All the tools you need to build and manage your challenges. Define the rules, prizes and schedule then use the event dashboard for details, awards, tickets and settings. Lastly, take advantage of the financial dashboard to handle the participants, payments and taxes.

    Match Details & Reporting

    Get connected! Team administrators can communicate with each other to set up match times, and after completion, upload screenshots and report match scores.

    Automatic Scheduling

    With leagues and tournaments, week-to-week schedules and tournament brackets can be generated with a few clicks. Keep track of team meetings, training, schedules all in one convenient place.

    Social Media Actions

    Get your consumers to interact with you on social media with various social media challenges. Get rewarded for follows, likes or subscribes. Support for Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Linkedin & Github with more coming soon.

    Brackets & Ladders

    Choose your own tournament structure (in-person or online) including event details, brackets, registration, check-in, leaderboard, ticketing, and pay-out options (percentages, winner take all etc.).

    Game Integration

    Reward gamers for playing games they're already playing with direct in-game stats reporting. Current games include Fortnite & Call of Duty with many more coming soon!

    NFT Rewards

    NFT is a non-fungible cryptographic token that is not mutually interchangeable. They are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, digital ownership & independently validate achievements with multi-platform tradability & interoperability.

    Points & Game Currencies

    Create unique point systems and game currencies and NFT based badges and awards. Support for most major currencies and platforms.

    Gift & Visa Debit Cards

    Reward your users with our point redemption services including physical products, integrated gift & Visa debit cards

    Additional Features

    Integrated with all your favorite Games & Platforms