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Award Pool is an integrated platform that empowers brands, creators and collectors with amazing engagement tools and features to create, collect, and trade unique experiences, collectibles, and amazements securely.

Create unique engagement challenges on your website and your social channels that engage customers, fans, and followers. Grow ferociously loyal communities as you reward fans with unique amazements.

From NFTs, fungible rewards, moments, artistic expressions, to other non-fungible awards, the Award Pool platform enables brands of all kinds to build and grow vibrant communities of fans and followers by engaging them with unique amazements like contests, challenges, collectibles, and NFTs.
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What we do

Award Pool engages digital natives at the intersection of digital play, digital assets and rewards. Award Pool makes it easy to create unique branded gamification experiences for all parties wanting to connect and reward their customers.

Who we are

We are experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, programmers, marketers, artists and start-up enthusiasts.

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Company News & Announcements

Award Pool Offers Carbon-neutral NFTs
By investing in carbon offset programs, NFT creators can help to reduce and neutralize the emissions they create. Depending on the project they invest in, offset projects can also have many social and economic benefits in the project area. With the right leadership and investment, NFT creators can actually lead the way in making NFTs carbon-neutral and environmentally responsible.
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The Metaverse: A world within our world
Metaverse. Sounds a little sci-fi, right? The term was coined by an American author, Neal Stephenson, in his dystopian sci-fi novel, Snow Crash. So yes, it’s a bit sci-fi, but it’s also become a part of today’s reality. Parts of the metaverse are already in operation and the creation of a complete, universal, cross-platform metaverse is coming.
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Award Pool Origin Story
What kind of business do you start when you can’t leave the house? How do you keep three kids at home engaged and learning? Reuven’s answer is, “Teach them what you know.” Reuven and Brenda asked themselves, what do we know? How to build a website and start a business. What had we been researching? Esports. What do the kids love to do? Game. The answer was there.
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