Announcing Award Pool

When the Pandemic began back in February, we as a family decided we were going use our time together to build something. Being the kids have been really into Esports lately, watching endlessly other people compete online, we saw an opportunity.

Funnelling this for passion for competitive esports, we started developing our own End-to-End Esports management platform. Initially, it was just to help teach our kids about how to build a tech business from scratch. But it ended up expanding into something much more.

During this process, they’ve learned how to write a business plan, the basics of funding a new business (thank you to the Canadian gov for the business grant), technical cloud architectures using AWS & DevOps, Javascript programming (NodeJS)/HTML/CSS/ AI/machine learning tech including a full generative adversarial network (GAN) stack. We can actually simulate thousands of games and predict the likely outcome of those games. We also learned the game development using Unreal Engine, designing in Photoshop/Illustrator, video production using After Effects and much more.

We’ve put more than 1400 hours into this project, and even had a buyout offer from an Esports company before we even launched publicly.

The video chat system was completely developed by Finnegan, technically when he was still 9 years old. Needless to say, I’m one proud Dad.

Today we’re excited to announce our first major win! A partnership with a local Esports tournament organizer Amuka Esports for more than 200+ tournaments which will all be managed using Award Pool. We also have pending partnerships and deals with more than a dozen gaming companies, colleges & schools building esports programs and various professional teams.

Award Pool | Esports Management Platform