Introducing Award Sponsor Challenges – Match Making

Introducing our new two-sided matchmaking features for Award Pool Challenges. Now you can easily create game-based challenges and connect two or more players through our embeddable challenge widgets.

Learn more at: https://awardpool.com/challenges/

What are Award Pool Challenges?
Are your users bored with you? Do they sign up for emails and follow your Twitch account just to receive discounts? It’s time to get them engaged. It’s time for a compelling quest.

The Award Pool Challenges Widget allows you to build action combinations, including social media actions, tournaments, sign-ups and more.

Our range of action combinations, integrations and features help you build a wide variety of campaigns, all within a widget you can host on your website.
Integrate the widget with all the gaming platforms, streaming services, and social apps you use every day, including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Create your Challenges in conjunction with a tournament or as a stand-alone campaign.