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Reward and Excite your Community

With Award Pool, brands and content creators can gamify campaigns containing various social and in-game challenges catered around their communities. Brands can discover a straightforward way for activation while content creators can engage and grow their community. Award Pool makes it easy to create unique branded gamification experiences for all parties wanting to connect.

Educate your fans
Help deliver a message about your games, products, leagues, tournaments and events with challenges that give information.
Learn about your fans
Collect data and content from your customers and fans with challenges that get them sharing.
Game on!
Create unique experiences by hosting leagues, competitions or tournaments with our many options.
Reward your fans
To create a genuinely gamified experience, award those who complete challenges and win tournaments. Sell or Reward custom NFT, tickets, products, IP, gift cards and merchandise.
Grow your online presence
Get your fans to interact with you on social media and increase virality and exposure.
Collect Payments
Easily collect donations, purchases and ticket sales with our built in payment system and payment partners.

Features and Capabilities

Create, Manage and Trade NFT Rewards

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