Ahmad Al Jamal

co-Founder / Coo

A great day for Ahmad involves a hike with his dog, playing video games with his friends, and beating the record time in an escape room. An overthinker, Ahmad loves taking calculated risks and can imagine multiple outcomes for any scenario. He’d rather people remember him for his friendship and generosity than for his achievements. 

Ahmad’s strategic thinking and passion for the job help him be a great team leader. He loves being able to hire, train, and motivate others to achieve the best possible results. He doesn’t tell many people, but he’s great at most video games, an Excel wizard, and can be very persuasive. He made the hard decision to leave his first startup to join Award Pool as COO for new challenges and learning opportunities in the Tech industry.

Friendly and generous, Ahmad’s motto is, “Be curious, not judgemental.” He believes that we all have a lot to learn and that being judgemental can shut us off from truth and wisdom.

Sometimes Ahmad thought about being a pilot and travelling the world, but he always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. His inspiring parents showed him that nothing was impossible. At Award Pool he’s working to create a huge amount of growth in a short time, using AI and automations.

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