AWARD POOL LAUNCHES GAMIFIED NFT PLATFORM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CELO Token Craft, The Newest Platform Will Offer User-Friendly Non-Fungible Tokens for Mobile Users Ontario, Canada (May 25, 2021) ‒ Today, Award Pool, a platform that provides companies with a unique way to engage their audience with custom made challenges and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards,[…]

Generation Z, those born between ’97 – ’15, has no recollection of life before the web. They are digital natives raised on the internet and social media. In actuality, anyone born after 1980 has had the internet at their fingertips most of their adult life. They, too, are the digital generation. Regardless of age, for[…]

When I think about sustainability, I think about fishing. Don’t fish more than what the ocean ecosystem can handle. It’s our job as humans to respect and ensure the survival of all ocean life. Without a healthy ocean, the world would not survive. When I think about sustainability, I think about forests. Sustainable forestry means[…]

What is an NFT? Web definition: NFT, A non-fungible token is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable. And in Japanese, 非代替トークンは、ブロックチェーンと呼ばれるデジタル台帳上のデータの単位であり、各NFTは一意のデジタルアイテムを表すことができるため、互換性はありません。Because let's be honest - you didn't understand it in English either, did you? When[...]

Introducing our new two-sided matchmaking features for Award Pool Challenges. Now you can easily create game-based challenges and connect two or more players through our embeddable challenge widgets. Learn more at: https://awardpool.com/challenges/ What are Award Pool Challenges?Are your users bored with you? Do they sign up for emails and follow your Twitch account just to[...]

The global pandemic and the shutdown of large gatherings have been challenging for many businesses, including the sports industry. It has forced sports leagues and teams to find different ways to engage with their fans and keep the excitement alive. Award Pool helps with all aspects of esports, from managing competitions, ticket sales, awarding and[...]

Tournament to Kickoff Veteran’s Day and Continue Through the Annual Army vs. Navy Football Game on December 12 Dallas (Oct. 28) - PRJKT VET, a Disabled Veteran owned company, is set to host the first annual Veteran’s Bowl Esports Tournament kicking off this Veteran’s Day (November 11) live on Twitch. The nationwide Madden tournament, which[...]

September 17th 2020, Toronto, Ontario Rumble Gaming, a global esports talent agency and gaming consulting company, has teamed up with Award Pool, a complete Esports Management platform, to help gaming professionals access the tools, teams, events, and contacts they require. Together, Rumble Gaming and Award Pool intend to take esports to the next level by[...]

Esports is about to get more organized. Prism Esports, an Esports organization known for providing business acumen to aspiring talents, now has a partnership with Award Pool, a complete Esports Management platform. Together, Prism and Award Pool intend to take Esports to the next level by offering players the opportunities and tools the industry has[...]

Get Ready for A Challenge $19,500 Total Prize Pool Mount Phenom (MP) is a first of its kind esports series dedicated to local gaming communities across North America. MP is catered towards attracting different communities under one roof. It consists of Mount Phenom Zero, MuMu Medallion and Mount Phenom Esports Championship Series. Powered by Award[...]