Brenda Cohen

Co-Founder / CMO

From the backwoods of British Columbia to the busy streets of Tokyo, Brenda is as comfortable starting a campfire as she is navigating the largest city in the world. Her favourite award? One from the Tokyo Azabu Fire Department for putting out a street fire she discovered as a teenager.

Brenda always wanted to be a writer, and her favourite job is the one she has right now; writing and being the CMO of her own company. Her proudest moment was starting Award Pool with not only her husband Reuven but also getting their three kids involved.  When she’s not working, Brenda is snuggling with her dog, painting abstractly or baking for family and friends.

She lives by the motto “You’ll never regret being kind” and believes a walk in the forest can solve writing blocks and dampened spirits. Honest, creative and kind, Brenda wants to make the world a little better for everyone around her.

Brenda’s goals for Award Pool include offering the platform to everyone, everywhere, to engage fans and grow their business. Then she intends to travel the world with her family, get her book published, and start another company along with her key business partners - Reuven and the kids.

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