February 8, 2023



  • Increase awareness of the CasperPunks Digital Collectible Mint
  • Draw more engaged users to signup for the Whitelist
  • Grow the Twitter and Telegram Communities
  • Create a tool that can continue to engage after the initial push
  • Stop the potential of bots farming to enter only for prizing


  • Move the CasperPunks campaign from Gleam to an Award Pool widget
  • Maintain control, ownership and branding of the campaign for future use
  • Create awareness through gamified actions that can be verified
  • Promote to the Award Pool Community
  • Create a widget that can continue to grow with the community and eventually support the Casper chain


  • 2500 Re-Tweets of the campaign- double the engagement of Gleam
  • The Twitter Community grew from 2583 to 5180 in 72 hours
  • Telegram grew to 11,000 subscribers
  • Over 3,500 users signed up for the CasperPunks widget
  • 17K actions completed
  • 2100 users who signed up for the campaign invited friends to join
  • 3100 users completed the action to signup for the Whitelist
  • Almost 2000 users got the guaranteed Whitelist spot
  • The CasperPunk community is now ready to be engaged in an ongoing basis and motivated by additional prizing and future challenges

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