May 4, 2022

Love + Chew


  • Offer something engaging to the loyal Love + Chew community
  • Make something unique for International Women's Day and support a local charity
  • Create a fun way to explore the brand and content
  • Try the NFT space


  • Hire a designer to create a series of exciting 'Cookie NFTs'
  • Partner with Award Pool on a International Women's Day Campaign that supports various charities
  • Include actions with deep links to website content
  • Include actions to increase social communities and newsletter sign ups


  • Increased social followers across Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Created a buzz in the Love + Chew community around NFTs
  • Helped drive traffic to NFT sales and minted 340+ NFTs with points
  • Brought awareness to the charity with 400+ actions completed in support

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