May 11, 2022



  • Engage the MECH.GAMES community in an innovative way
  • Sell early access memberships as NFT
  • Generate revenue for early development of the game with NFT sales


  • Create actions to dig deeper into the MECH.GAMES website, sign up/ follow social channels and newsletter
  • Award bonus points with secret code to those who purchase high value NFTs
  • Sell limited edition NFTs including those that allow for pre-purchase of Genesis Mech
  • Redeem/unlock premium MECH.GAME NFTs that will be used in the game and have real value


  • 640 NFTs sold translating to $181,000 in revenue!
  • 600+ Sign ups for the campaign
  • Engaged users visited the website (850 visits), Joined Newsletter (830 visits), Joined Discord Group (820 visits)

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