Reward and Excite your Community

With Award Pool, brands and content creators can gamify campaigns containing various social and in-game challenges catered around their communities. Brands can discover a straightforward way for activation while content creators can engage and grow their community.

Educate your customers

Help deliver a message about your brand or product with challenges that give information. Specific actions could include: Visit a website, watch a video, read a blog or listen to a podcast.

Learn about your fans

Find out more about your customers. Collect data and content from your consumer with challenges that get them sharing such as: Upload a photo, selfie, video or other content.

Grow your online presence

Get your fans and consumers to interact with you on social media with challenges that increase virality and online exposure.

Trivia / Multiple Choice

Create trivia and scavenger hunt challenges to see who the real fans are! Include real life challenges such as in-game or at event interactions.

PC / Mobile Game Integration

Automated and generic in game challenges (outlive x opponents, gather x many eliminations, find the treasure etc.) 300+ PC and Mobile games supported.

Surveys / Opinions

Test your customers knowledge and get their opinions with questions or surveys (MCQ, T/F, and Q&A).

Collect Payments

Easily collect donations, purchases and ticket sales with our built-in payment system and payment partners.

NFT Rewards

Reward with NFT including still moments, artistic expressions, music, video and other non-fungible awards. Digital assets are supported on all blockchains.

Tokens / Points

Create your own NFT based tokens, rewards & badges branded and minted to your specifications.