Early Access Pass

Your Early Access Pass comes with priority access to new drops and feature roll-outs PLUS the ability to build your unique campaign widget with the Award Pool team. All this at a special rate of $2999.

Are you ready to build your campaign? Why wait? We are only offering 100 Early Access Passes.

Campaign Includes:
A fully customized widget with one challenge that includes 20 actions and 5 NFT rewards. You provide the actions, the images, and the NFT and let our expert team build it for you.


Campaigns powered by Award Pool have access to our 170,000 active users and collectors.


Campaigns powered by Award Pool have a virality of 5: Most users invite five or more friends to join challenges.


Award Pool Campaigns have a 80% conversion rate of first-time visitors

Early Access Pass Includes:


Early Access Pass participants will receive priority access to:
⭐ New Exclusive Drops
⭐ Feature Roll-Outs
⭐ Integrated KYC & Safelisting
⭐ Listing on Award Pool site
⭐ Sell NFT collectibles, memberships & more!


The Award Pool widget is fully customizable. You choose the colors, images and actions. Build a campaign that speaks to your brand and fits seamlessly on your website & mobile app!


Your Early Access Pass includes the support of the Award Pool team to help build and execute a successful campaign. You provide the assets, and we'll build it for you. No experience required.


Your Early Access Pass provides you with fully customized widget, a challenge that includes 20 actions, 5 NFTs, and the team to build it - all for half the cost of a typical custom build.

Optional Paid Add-ons:


Have your campaign featured in the Award Pool newsletter for an additional cost. Our newsletter subscribers are active and engaged. Contact us to get your brand in their inbox.


Have your campaign featured on the Award Pool homepage for an additional cost. Several options available from header scroll to feature campaigns in the widget or homepage listing.


Bring your brand front and centre. Use your custom ERC20 token as a unit of payment for an additional cost. Integrate custom tokens for the purposes of NFT payments.


Export your points and create the ultimate Airdrop. Integrate custom token for the purposes of exporting your point balances as an ERC20 token delivered to user's Metamask or wallet connect.