February 13, 2023
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Authentic Marketing in a Web3 World

It’s not enough to advertise a product anymore. Consumers want to feel connected with the brands they’re buying from, not just have products pushed at them.

It’s not enough to advertise a product anymore. Consumers want to feel connected with the brands they’re buying from, not just have products pushed at them. The good news is that with Web3 and Award Pool, creating authentic customer engagement is just a few clicks away.

If Web3 is all about ownership of data, then creating an organic community will be the best way to build your brand. How do you do that? Let’s take a look.

First, when we say a ‘real community,’ we mean the people that interact with, follow, and purchase your brand. Because they want to, not because of a sale or an ad they see. This real, organic community is the customers who feel a part of your brand without being ‘bought.’

Bought customers, or addresses, are the consumers who see your marketing material because of placement. This placement could be through social media, Google, or even traditional marketing. The point is, they aren’t reaching out to find you, and you aren’t paying to have your content added to their streams.

Why is this important? Building a real, organic community will mean that these customers see and interact with your content without you having to place ads or pay to promote social posts. These consumers might search for your brand or see your content on their feeds because of the topics they follow. Even more important, these are the consumers who may also become the promoters of your brand. They feel connected to what your brand is doing and may even share your product with their own audiences. This could be through social media, websites they interact with, and friends and family.

Building Organically

Building an organic community will keep your customers coming back for more. They’ll feel an authentic connection and interact willingly with your brand. When your customers connect and engage with your brand and content, they will be more likely to purchase from you.

With Award Pool, you can help build your brand organically. By creating an Award Pool Challenge, your customer can get to know more about your company. They can feel more connected to your brand and the people and causes that are important to you. Authentic stories, tweets and posts they read as part of your Challenge can help them connect with you. Of course, positive feelings and connections with your brand can lead to increased purchases from your customers.

By interacting with your content and sharing it with their contacts, your customers can help your organic reach increase. Not only will your initial customer feel more connected to your brand, but you stand to gain an even larger audience as they share with their networks.

Keep your data with Web3

As Web3 becomes the new normal, so will owning your own data. With your own data, you know what is important to your customer. You will know when they want to hear about things and how to get information to them.

Award Pool can help you direct your customers to information and messaging that is important to them - helping to increase their authentic connection to your brand. When you know what your customers want to see and hear, you can do more of it. If something doesn’t work, you’ll be able to try something new.

Connection is Key

Whatever your audience is, connecting with them is the key to creating a positive experience with your brand. Authentic engagement will create a better experience for customers and make them more likely to share their positive feedback and experiences with others. With Award Pool and Web3 marketing strategies, building an organic audience is a great way to build your brand.

Kim is creative, adventurous and giving. She joined the Award Pool team as a copywriter.

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