Award Pool Announces New Branding

September 2, 2021

Award Pool is thrilled to announce our new branding. As the company and team continue to grow, the look and feel of the brand also evolves. As we part with our mascot, Splash and our game controller icon, we continue to pay tribute to our origins as a family start-up and keep the colour palette chosen by our first art director, Isla (age 7).

We are pleased to introduce the new Award Pool logo, a strong, bold, futuristic typographical wordmark that speaks to the strength and creativity of the Award Pool amazement platform. The bold sans-serif typeface, modified specifically with a stylized W, adds a custom flare and makes a rockstar statement. The striking colour palette combines our signature bright fuchsia anchored with a dark charcoal gray. Below, you can see a dramatic app icon using the stylistic A and an element from the original Award Pool icon, highlighting the brand's intensity.

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