May 4, 2022
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Award Pool can break barriers within the music industry

One of the most crucial aspects of being a musical artist is to be able to not only differentiate yourself but to have an identity as a brand.

It may seem impossible to find a new way to market yourself or your art. One of the most crucial aspects of being a musical artist is to be able to not only differentiate yourself but to have an identity as a brand. How is that possible in such a changing market? Award Pool helps artists to humanize themselves and connect with new users and their existing audience. 

Often musicians are seen as figures or machines that produce music to be disseminated to the public to indulge; however, Award Pool changes this. By creating a campaign for your audience, you can connect on a deeper level with your listeners; they can engage and interact with the music they are consuming in a way that they have never done with traditional streaming. 

For instance, multidisciplinary artist Domino created a campaign with Award Pool and released his album as an NFT project in 2021. He gave his listeners seven different songs as NFTs for .0777, resulting in over $170k in sales. Domino sat down with our founder @rUv on the Fungibility Podcast to discuss his success. Take a listen here! 

An Award Pool challenge could include sending users to social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram, where they can interact with the artist's content, follow them, and collect points for taking part. But, why not take it a step further? Artists can create their own challenges on platforms such as TikTok for users to complete and post online! These specific challenges also give users points they can trade in to redeem prizes! The opportunity to engage and interact with content is endless and can be modified to fit within any discipline and brand of the musician.  

Music makes an impact on individuals on a global scale - Award Pool opens opportunities for users to receive exclusive music from their favourite artists down to holding onto their most cherished artwork as an NFT - for free.  

However, as the metaverse evolves and expands - so does the opportunity to get creative with how you can reward your listeners. Yes, we can provide access to albums or songs as an NFT - but think larger, think exclusive meet and greets delivered as an NFT, exclusive merchandise or album covers that only these exclusive groups can access as NFTs.  

 The equation is simple: users complete and engage with music-based campaigns. In turn, they are rewarded with NFT, simply for displaying their positive engagement within challenges they actually enjoy. 

Musicians can utilise Award Pool as a marketing and research tool and break barriers between their existing and new audiences. Upcoming Tour? Let's announce each city you're performing in based on your community's engagement on Twitter or Discord! Why not give a special access code for pre-sale tickets to those that earn enough points after completing challenges such as tweeting a screenshot of their favourite song or most played song of yours to the public! Reward and give access to the most loyal while showcasing who you are to new listeners.  

The campaign itself has endless opportunities for the artist, whether you want to drive a higher amount of streams, more merchandise sales and more following on your social media. Or simply for the public to get to know you outside of your craft - by creating a campaign on Award Pool, you can reflect the goals of all sides of the spectrum! Taking a trip to the moon doesn't seem so hard when Award Pool can take you there with ease - and let's get creative while we're up there!

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