January 5, 2022
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Award Pool Finishes 2021 with 137,000+ Users and Astounding Success

Award Pool has closed its first quarter as a live platform with astounding success.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (January 3rd, 2021) -- Award Pool, an integrated platform that empowers brands, influencers and content creators to power up, grow and engage communities with gamified play and NFT rewards has closed its first quarter as a live platform with astounding success. 

Award Pool launched its first campaign, Introducing Award Pool, in October of 2021 and in three months has launched over 15 campaigns with clients such as Polydoge, FC Tulsa, So.co Music, PXLBRD, SuperDoge and Presessence by Domino. 

Award Pool has gained 137,000 active users, who have completed 3 million actions and have been rewarded 300,000 NFTs through various campaigns. Award Pool has a conversion rate of 80%, with each new user inviting an average of six friends to sign up, making almost all traffic to the site organic. The Award Pool newsletter has 132,014 subscribers. Award Pool’s social media channels have grown from brand new accounts to 71.3K followers on Twitter, 16,224 on Facebook, 15.2K on Instagram, and 70,035 Telegram members. The Award Pool Fungibility NFT Podcast launched in November and has minted 19,300 NFT podcast episodes.

“Award Pool has seen rapid growth in our community since our first challenge launched in October of this year. The growth is almost entirely driven by our community inviting friends to join and get involved. We are excited to offer our community new features early in the new year including purchasing, NFT rewards and in-game challenges,” says Reuven Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of Award Pool. 

Award Pool’s innovative new platform allows users to participate in challenges, earn points, and redeem non-fungible token (NFT) prizes through an easy-to-use tool. Award Pool Capabilities include: 

  • Social media challenges 
  • Trivia and scavenger hunt challenges 
  • Social and gaming challenges 
  • Loyalty programs 
  • NFT rewards & AirDrops
  • Blockchain Payments
  • NFT management platform 

In January of 2022, Award Pool will be launching a Sustainability Challenge to showcase the green initiatives Award Pool has in store, including a carbon-offset NFT. In Q1 2022, Award Pool will launch its play-to-earn gaming platform, www.ØxPoints.com to introduce even more ways to engage users with gaming integrations.

About Award Pool 

Launched in 2021, Toronto-based Award Pool enables anyone – from companies and brands to influencers – to gamify campaigns. Award Pool’s platform makes it easy for brands, artists, and content creators of all kinds to create customized landing pages and widgets, enabling users to participate in challenges and competitions to earn points, prizes, and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards. For additional information, please visit www.awardpool.com 

As CMO, Brenda wants to offer the platform to everyone, everywhere, to engage fans and grow their business.

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