Building a Campaign

July 29, 2021

By Brenda Cohen

When you decide to engage your fans and are ready to develop a campaign on Award Pool, here is an example of how we help you build your strategy. 

You will start by creating your campaign, this your goal, your intent, your raison d'être. Perhaps your campaign goal is “To encourage Star Wars fans to learn more, get excited and plan their visit to Disney World’s Stars Wars Galaxy’s Edge.” Let’s call it The Stars Wars Ultimate Fan Campaign.

From this campaign, you will create different challenges. In The Stars Wars Ultimate Fan Challenge, there are two goals: generate virality and excitement around the Star Wars brand, and two, get people planning and booking a trip to Disney World. So we would recommend two campaigns: Become a Jedi Challenge and Make your way to Disney Challenge.

Under the Become a Jedi Challenge there will be specific actions that you choose which help build out the challenge. In this case, some actions may include: 
  • Watch a YouTube video about Yoda
  • Post your best Star Wars costume photo on Instagram
  • Listen to a Podcast on fighting the Darkside
  • Enter an in-game Jedi competition
  • Invite five friends to join the challenge

The Make your way to Disney Challenge will include its own set of actions. Some actions may include: 

  • Visit the Disney travel website
  • Tell us your favourite Disney story on Facebook
  • Invite five friends to join the challenge
  • Sign up for our newsletter 
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Test your Disney Park knowledge with Trivia Q&A or T/F questions

Each action that a user completes will give them points. They accumulate these points to get rewards, including NFT, products, gift cards, merchandise and more. 

The Award Pool platform helps you build your engagement strategy with simple step-by-step instructions from campaign to actionable challenges that get your fans excited.

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