May 31, 2022
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Game on! Enhance your Game and Engage your Fans with NFTs

From planning your game to pre-launch marketing to in-game rewards, the Award Pool widget does it all.


Excite your audience by letting them know what you’re planning for your new game. Build and engage your fan base using challenges and rewards. With the Award Pool widget, you can create a challenge that includes multiple-choice, true/false or survey questions. Use these to get feedback on game characters, storylines, graphics, etc. Then, involve your audience and reward them with points to redeem for NFTs or first access to your new game. Pre-launch challenges could also include actions that get your fans to follow and interact with your socials, or visit web pages and view videos about your game. With each action completed, they would gain points that they could redeem for NFTs of game art, clips, character images and more.

Mech.Game used the Award Pool widget to sell passes that allowed users to prepay to mint game NFTs. Their pre launch sales also included mint passes that allowed users to pre-purchase character NFTs (mechs), to be minted in the future. Another user, Narmunz, created a challenge that allowed users to redeem points for limited NFTs that gave users the chance to win early access or NFT whitelist slots. The whitelist NFT slot would enable early users to have a guaranteed mint of their game NFT.

From planning to marketing and increasing engagement, the Award Pool widget can help you get ready for launching your new game. With purchases possible using both currency crypto and in-app points, you can cater payment types to your user preferences. You can also offer a combination and allow users to purchase NFTs that also include a number of points that they could redeem for other NFTs or rewards.

During Launch

Get your players excited y by offering points for early playing and gamer accomplishments. Create challenges for in-game achievements and reward your players with points as they achieve them. You can let them use the points to level up, redeem for game merchandise, digital art, video clips, or even images of accessories to add to their game avatar.

Increase your audience engagement:  have players share screenshots, interact with your social media, or invite friends to join them. Test their knowledge with quizzes and direct them to links with information about your game. You could even create a scavenger hunt type challenge, where they need to find items in your game and on your website. Or send them to a special ‘Tips’ area on your website to help them level up, increasing their involvement in the game.

Use the play-to-earn model to reward your players for their accomplishments and for playing your game. Reward them with NFTs, in-game merchandise, access to game extras and more. 

Post-launch and onward

Keep player engagement by offering new challenges and rewards on an ongoing basis. New challenges will help keep fans engaged and coming back to collect more points and rewards. For example, creating a set of NFT player or character stat cards could help engage your players and create incentives to participate in challenges for exclusive rewards.

As you offer more game features, add them to your Award Pool challenge to keep fans interested. Have a big event or tournament coming up? Add that too, and offer access to it as an NFT reward. You could include art, graphics, tickets and merchandise as part of the reward.

Award Pool plans to offer a way for players to own their avatar image and include all the information about their accomplishments. These could be bought, sold or traded by players, using both in-game points and currencies and various fiat and cryptocurrencies. Just another way for you to increase user engagement in your game!

Award Pool will support over 300 PC and mobile games for integrations soon. In addition, over 1000 game actions and triggers will be supported, including game event triggers like time played, achievements made, kills and more. 

Keep fans coming back 

From pre-launch to continual gameplay, the Award Pool widget offers new and unique ways to amaze and reward your players and fans. With marketing, engagement and reward capabilities, you can keep your fans coming back for more.

Kim is creative, adventurous and giving. She joined the Award Pool team as a copywriter.

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