March 1, 2022
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Inspiring Women in Blockchain

With powerhouse women and organizations actively working to empower and teach other women about the tech and blockchain industries, growth should be guaranteed.

Learning about blockchain or working in the tech industry can be daunting as a woman. It’s time to open the door to the ‘boys club.’ 

Globally, big tech companies expect to have workforces made up of just 33% female employees in 2022. And in the tech roles in those companies, women only account for 25% of the workforce. The female tech workforce is up about 2% from 2019, but change is slow. And these are only the big companies - smaller tech businesses don’t always report their workforce statistics or may not even be actively encouraging diversity in their workforce.

Changes are coming, but they are slow. That’s why groups like Women in Tech are working to close the gender gap in the technology industry. They know that half the consumers of technology worldwide are women and want women to be the creators of the technology we use every day. This global NGO works with women at all stages of their tech industry journey - from beginners just learning the ropes to executives looking to advance their careers.

Likewise, Women Who Tech is another global NGO working with women in the tech space. They have found that although women are creating more innovative technology than ever before, only 2% of US and 10% of global investor funding goes to female-led startups. To change that, they’ve created a platform connecting female founders with investors. They also offer coaching programs, mentoring and resources for innovative women to advance their startups. Their various grants also help ensure female-led startups have access to unbiased funding. Allyson Kapin founded Women Who Tech with the Women Startup Challenge in 2015, along with Craig Newmark of craigslist. 

Lavinia Osbourne is another Female Powerhouse working towards more women in the tech and blockchain industry. She founded Women in Blockchain Talks as a way for more women to explore the industry and share the knowledge and experiences of successful women in blockchain. A recent guest on Fungibility podcast (check out her episode), she is currently working on Crypto Kweens, the first female-centric NFT marketplace. 

Within the NFT art world, female representation is meagre. World of Women features digital images of women as an NFT art collectible series. The work of Yam Karkai, co-founder and artist, the NFTs of World of Women have various degrees of rarity, and their price reflects that. Made up of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs, the collection sold out. Not only are they expanding the presence of women in the blockchain, but these are also high-ticket items, with some rare pieces selling for 10.5 ETH (over $27,000).

As the push continues for more women to enter the blockchain industry, organizations like Bloom are working to educate and empower females. For example, their Discord group is open to women worldwide and provides a safe place for networking, learning, and opportunity sharing. Similarly, Women in Blockchain Talks has a campaign, “50K Women into Blockchain by 2023.” They know that by giving 50,000 women an understanding of blockchain, these women will teach other women, creating exponential knowledge growth in the industry.

With powerhouse women and organizations actively working to empower and teach other women about the tech and blockchain industries, growth should be guaranteed. So open the door, boys, because women are joining the club.

Kim is creative, adventurous and giving. She joined the Award Pool team as a copywriter.

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