Not-For-Profit Organizations and Social Engagement

February 21, 2019

Not-For-Profit Organizations and Social Engagement

By Brenda Cohen

There are lots of ways to support your charitable foundation through social media and online tactics. If you have the budget, you could hire an Influencer to promote your charity on TikTok or Twitch. If the sky’s the limit, you could sponsor a concert in Fortnite. However, for the average not-for-profit organization, the advertising budget is slim, and word of mouth is the most important marketing tool.

According to Duncan Mcrae, Director, Business Development & Marketing at The Donnée Group, an agency providing direct marketing and to the Canadian nonprofit sector, “Providing opportunities for your donors to engage with your organization through social media or online is an essential part of keeping them close to your cause and expanding your mission.

When your best supporter is the one that brings a friend, to make that happen, you must give them something to share. For the digital generation, the idea of social media interaction needs to be engaging. Not-For-Profit Organizations have to find a meaningful way to get their names into online communities.

Online engagement is key for every non-profit as we emerge into a new world of hybrid fundraising. Organizations are seeing the benefits of unlimited reach through virtual events combined with in-person relationships and engagement,” says Christoper McIntosh, President & Chief Product Officer of GigIt, an all-in-one social platform for Non-Profit organizations.

The Award Pool Challenge system is an à la carte menu of social actions and challenges your organization can design and build to engage your customer base. Here are some examples of actions you could add to your customized Award Pool Challenge within the Not-For-Profit space.

Education Challenges:
Help donors understand your charity better with trivia games or Q&A. Send them links to informative videos on YouTube or your company website.

Sharing / Posting:
Encourage challenges to submit videos on TikTok or YouTube or photos on Instagram relating to your charity. Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge?

Create Excitement with Gaming:
Enable users to play the games they love (more than 300 PC games included) and earn points to add to their challenges total.

Continued Connections:
Keep the connection going by adding actions to sign up for a newsletter, follow a particular person or company on Twitter, join a Facebook group or visit a specific website.

Share with a Friend:
Encourage re-tweets or send emails to ask friends to join the challenge.

Make donations easy with a quick click to donate.

NFT Rewards:
Create excitement for your brand with one-of-a-kind NFT awarded to users who complete challenges or gain a certain amount of points.

All challenges and social actions are easily created with the Award Pool Challenges system and incorporated into your website as a widget. Creating a competitive, engaging and fun atmosphere will help Not-For-Profit organizations spread the word and increase donations.

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