The Business of Engagement

February 21, 2019

The Business of Engagement

By Brenda Cohen

Generation Z, those born between ’97 – ’15, has no recollection of life before the web. They are digital natives raised on the internet and social media. In actuality, anyone born after 1980 has had the internet at their fingertips most of their adult life. They, too, are the digital generation.

Regardless of age, for the digital generation, the idea of social media interaction takes place within the games they play and communities they join online. Companies and brands need to gamify the marketing experience and be part of those online communities to reach them. It isn’t enough to make a splashy campaign or attach a famous face to a brand; this generation wants to be engaged and rewarded for their time.

Award Pool enables anyone – companies, brands, influencers- to gamify campaigns. With Award Pool, users participate in challenges and competitions to earn points, prizes, and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards through an easy-to-use platform.

Contesting and tournaments have always been a successful marketing channel. Give us your information, and we’ll put you in a draw or a game to win something. For some instances, that is enough. However, companies want to collect more than just a name and address; they want to connect with their customers by engaging them in more community-based marketing. That is how you create a return customer, a loyal customer and encourage word of mouth marketing.

Award Pool knows that the digital generation values rewards and entertainment over brand loyalty. That is why we’ve created a way for companies to change the place and method in which they run campaigns, collect information and award their users. The Award Pool Challenges widget makes it simple for brands to embed themselves into the games and communities of their target audience and offer challenges and rewards that speak to their interests.

With Award Pool, companies and brands can discover a straightforward way for activation while content creators and influencers can engage and grow their community. It’s not your average cereal box contest; Award Pool Challenges offer meaningful games and challenges that users can share with friends and the community.

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