August 8, 2022
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The Travel Issue

‍Many Web3 companies are now looking for ways to help bring Web3 technologies into the travel industry. 

Many Web3 companies are now looking for ways to help bring Web3 technologies into the travel industry. 

Web3 is opening the doors to a whole new world of travel. From staycations where you can visit the world through Virtual Reality (VR), to NFT travel purchases to blockchain travel tokens, it’s a whole new world out there. It’s easy to see how the Metaverse can enhance the travel industry and offer new ways to think about travel.

Couchsurf the Metaverse

The Metaverse can become your new favourite travel destination, bringing new meaning to the term armchair travel. You can immerse yourself in distant locations from the comfort of your own home using VR technology. By travelling virtually, you can be anywhere in the world without trains, lines or passports.

For the small price of a monthly subscription, travel sites are starting Metaverse divisions that give access to VR destinations. You can use your VR experience to ‘see’ a place and get even more excited about seeing it for real. Or you can avoid going there if it isn’t the place for you, saving you a lot of time and money.

With VR, you can experience a resort before you go there. Sort of a ‘try before you buy’ experience, without leaving your living room. Once you see your resort, you can even book it through Amadeus, a site that uses VR to help you experience your destination. Some airlines are also offering VR experiences on flights, and tours of lounges, airplanes, and virtual interactions with airline crews.

Through apps like National Geographic’s Explore, not only will you see locations as they are today, but you can also see how they would have looked in the past. You become a National Geographic Explorer through the app, with tasks to complete. This app immerses you in the destination, getting you exploring things you might miss in person.

According to Web3 consultant Steve Bambury, now is the time for companies to enter the metaverse. If not, they risk being left behind as other companies embrace new VR experiences and technology. Using virtual reality apps can help travellers get a feel for their destination and get them even more excited about visiting in person.

Adding Web3 Tech to travel: Purchases, Gamification and NFTs

Many companies are looking for ways to integrate Web3 technology into travel experiences. Booking flights, gamified experiences, and NFTs are a few ways they do this.

“Travel is the only expense that makes you richer. It’s an investment in yourself and at Flywallet we believe everyone deserves to fly.” says Thomas Negrit, CEO of Flywallet.

Companies like Flywallet help you save and plan for travel no matter your budget. Every destination is within reach thanks to its integrated savings account and booking tool. Not only that, Flywallet also uses Web3 to offset CO2 and making travel sustainable and better for the planet. 

Cluecation has gamified the traditional travel guide. This U.K.-based company specializes in the gamification of self-guided travel. The startup creates experiences that help travellers explore destinations in an immersive way, connecting travellers with the cultures, people and places they visit. There’s no planning what to see or do. Instead, choose your destination and follow a scavenger hunt-type tour. Earn points for visiting different locations and enjoy local experiences that might not be in the travel guides.

When we talk about Web3 travel, of course we have to include NFTs! Blockchain token purchases from companies like StayOpen can have a variety of travel-related utilities. In the case of StayOpen, their token, $TAY, includes a selection of uses which cover discounted rates at their pod hotels, access to coworking spaces, and local experiences. They use NFTs for their Stay Pass, a hotel membership and a rewards program. Like other NFTs (and unlike other travel rewards companies), their rewards points and $TAY tokens are transferable on the blockchain. 

Listen and Learn

There’s always something new to learn in the Web3 world, and the Web3 in Travel podcast covers everything. With understandable explanations of Web3 concepts, podcast host Luca De Giglio takes you on a journey of Web3’s travel possibilities. And he’s a good one to listen to - he founded the Trips Community, a company experimenting with ways to use Web3 in the vacation rental industry.

Expanding the World through Web3

Whether virtual, gamified, or tokenized, Web3 is expanding in the travel world. Travel isn’t limited to a road trip or jumping on a plane - it’s now gamified and tokenized. And, of course, your destination can be a hemisphere away, or the few steps it takes to get to your favourite couch.

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