January 27, 2023
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What is Token Gating?

Award Pool's latest feature, Token Gating, helps add exclusivity and value to your campaigns.

We're thrilled to add Token Gating as the latest Award Pool feature. Token Gating can help enhance your community engagement, loyalty program or rewards system by limiting access and benefits to select groups.  

Token Gating is a powerful tool that can help create value for your community members by offering Token gated benefits such as exclusive content, events, and other perks. This helps to incentivize your community to hold on to your NFTs as they will continue to find value in them.

How Does Token Gating Work?

Token Gating is a way for projects to limit access to certain benefits based on who holds an NFT or has a certain amount of traditional fungible tokens. These tokens, either NFTs or traditional fungible tokens, serve as proof of ownership and are shown via a crypto wallet such as MetaMask.

To gain access to Token Gated benefits, connect or sign a message with your crypto wallet, proving ownership of a certain NFT or a certain amount of traditional fungible tokens. Once you've done this, you can access the reward or benefit.

Why Do NFT Projects Use Token Gating?

NFT projects use Token Gating to create value for their Token holders by distributing exclusive content, event tickets, airdrops, and merchandise.

At Award Pool, we offer a self-service platform that makes it easy for you to implement Token Gating. You can add Token Gating to your campaign as a whole or a specific challenge. We provide integration with MetaMask, making it easy for your community members to connect and claim their rewards. With Award Pool, you don't need to be a developer to implement Token Gating; we take care of the technicalities for you.

The Token Gating feature is just another way we help you create a loyal and engaged community with Award Pool. Try it out for your campaign now.

As CMO, Brenda wants to offer the platform to everyone, everywhere, to engage fans and grow their business.

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