Style Guide / Press Kit

Find out how to get our amazing look and feel. The Award Pool logo is a strong, bold, futuristic typographical wordmark that speaks to the strength and creativity of the Award Pool amazement platform. The striking colour palette combines our signature bright fuchsia anchored with a dark charcoal gray. Our signature tone and manner is visual, fun, inclusive, confident, motivating and written in Canadian English. Our platform is your platform - discover how to represent us right!

Primary Logo

Primary logo for use in all situations except where space is limited. White for use on dark backgrounds and grey for use on light backgrounds.

Download the Primary Logo White

Download the Primary Logo Grey

The Icon

The bold and distinctive Award Pool icon represents our brand in small spaces, such as in apps and on browsers. White for dark background and grey for light backgrounds.

Download the Icon White

Download the Icon Gray

The Social Icon

The Award Pool Social Icon is a fun addition to the brand and can be used in place of the standard icon as a small design element.

Background Downloads

You can use these backgrounds to make an amazing Award Pool image.

Download Dark Purple
Downlead Light Purple
Download Wild Flames

Space to Breathe

Let’s give our logo some space to breathe! Use the height of the “A” as a guide for space around the logo.  

No Design / Font Changes

Do not modify the design by adding gradients, shadows or colours to our logo. Do not change the typeface, font or add outlines to the logo.

Award Pink

As the company has grown, we have kept the shade of Award Pink - although the original creator is quick to tell you her favourite colour is actually blue.

Our main colour is featured in our logo’s typography with the wide “W” and will add a great pop when designing for Award Pool. Headlines, buttons, icons and hyperlinks are all good examples of how to truly appreciate this  bold colour.

RBG: 225/14/113
CMYK: 1/100/28/0

Award Purple

The colour of royalty, wisdom and bravery or really just a great middle ground between pink and grey. Award Purple is morning glory meets eggplant.

 You will find our mascot, Lil Flame wearing this colour with pride. It’s an excellent choice to settle the dispute between pink and grey and add an accent where it’s needed. Just don’t change our logo to purple or we’ll send Lil’ Flame to burn it down!

RBG: 80/70/151
HEX: #504697
CMYK: 83/85/4/0

Award Grey

Nothing complements the bright hue of Award Pink more than a calming grey. As the second primary colour - Award Grey is the bit of rainy skies we need to blossom our bright pink.

This grey will come in useful for backgrounds and sub texts. When using the Award Pool white and pink logo, this is a perfect background colour and works great for larger bodies of text.

RBG: 64/64/65
HEX: #404041
CMYK: 68/61/59/46


Download the Quicksand Font



Download the Inter Font



Award Pool is a fun brand. We use wit and imagination to attract creators and collectors inspired by their love of entertaining brands.


Award Pool is a visual brand. We lead with “moments of amazement” in our design that draw the eye and inspire an emotional response.


Award Pool strives to include everyone. We believe in accessibility and representing diversity across cultures, ethnicities, interests, and age groups.


Award Pool shows confidence. We know that our platform offers unique outcomes and benefits and we’re not afraid to communicate with enthusiasm.


Award Pool guides the way. We encourage every user to try something new with lots of tips and how-to content to help utilize our platform.

Reuven Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO

Reuven is a successful entrepreneur, founder and thought leader in cloud computing, advisor and instigator of all things tech and creative. Award Pool is the combination of everything he has learned and created in his lifetime. Full Bio

Alex Falconer
Co-Founder & CFO

A Chartered Professional Accountant, Alex uses his expertise to make sure Award Pool stays on the right side of the balance sheet. His motto, "Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity," serves him well as CFO of this tech startup. Full Bio

Brenda Cohen
Co-Founder & CMO

Brenda is a writer, creative director and marketer. Her favourite job is the one she has right now; writing and being the CMO of her own company. Her proudest moment was starting Award Pool with her husband Reuven and three kids. Full Bio

Press Contact

Please visit our contact page to contact our Public Relations and Marketing teams.