Little Flame


Little Flame is a bit cheeky. He isn't afraid to put on an outrageous outfit, share his opinion and heat things up. In fact, Little Flame has been known to cause trouble everywhere he strikes.


HEAT WARNING AHEAD: Little Flame is burning through as our hottest team member - and most flammable!

Community is fundamental to the Award Pool - our users have a voice and we value their opinion!  In November 2021 we commissioned four artists to each create a unique mascot to represent Award Pool. The Award Pool team was equally divided among the four choices. Our users tapped in and used the Award Pool widget to vote on their favorite mascot. Good thing we had our community to help us make the right choice. In the end, Little Flame heated up and took over the race.

Little Flame has enough energy to burn up a room in seconds! He does not fit into a box and his personality definitely doesn’t either! One day you may find yourself finding Flame creating art, and the next day you may see him on the field playing sports! Little Flame is the perfect representation of our fiery users and is so ecstatic to raise and carry the torch as our mascot!

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Little Flame