Wurdah Syed


Wurdah is a seasoned social media and marketing pro, focused on innovative and creative way of thinking that will shake up the traditional way of marketing


Energetic and uber outgoing, Wurdah values her downtime. Her perfect afternoon would involve binge-watching the latest series while sipping her Starbucks. To end her perfect day, she’d search out the best new Korean or Italian food in Toronto and enjoy it with friends.

Wurdah’s welcoming and laid-back personality makes those around her feel comfortable and cared for. As a teenager she was shy, but she reinvented herself during her undergrad at Wilfrid Laurier University. She now loves meeting new people and ensuring they are happy and relaxed when they’re with her.

As a child, Wurdah wanted to be a famous singer - until she realized she was tone-deaf, that is! A dog person and Harry Potter fan, Wurdah is passionate about learning and is excited to see Award Pool shake up the tech industry. She is passionate about bridging fan incentives and NFTs and believes Award Pool will help change the way businesses and consumers interact. “Award Pool to the moon!”

When she’s not working on Award Pools’ social media and communications, Wurdah would love to be visiting the west coast of Canada or the United States, soaking up the energy, enjoying the food and meeting new people. She loves making personal connections and would start sentences “with peace and love” if she could.

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Wurdah Syed