The Web3 Launchpad

The complete solution for companies who need to launch Web3 projects quickly and successfully

Launch Strategy

Getting off the ground can be tricky. Luckily we're here to help guide you through a successful journey, from ideation to development and launch.

Custom Widget Integration

Get help from the experts! Take out the guesswork with services such as a customized professional widget, website integration and APIs.

Web3 Integration

We'll help integrate all your tools, APIs, and related infrastructure, so your offering is as unique as you are.

Community Building

Set up your social accounts and social media pages, including Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Assist with posts and engagement.

Point & Token Economics

How to best allocate your points, tokens, and other digital assets can be confusing. Our team will assist you with developing the optimal strategy for your campaign goals.

NFT Strategy

We'll help you build a solid NFT strategy with a blend of reward-based NFTs and for-sale NFTs with value and utility that generate excitement.

Custom NFT Creation

We get it; not everyone is an artist. So we work with amazing creatives to ensure your NFTs are out of this world. Then we can make an algorithmically created sets of images based on odds, qualities and other attributes.

Community Engagement & Support Setup

Listen and chat with your community. Let us set up Discord and Telegram groups with our expert partners. Get help with rules, announcements, verification, channels, groups and bots.

Newsletters & Airdrops

Even when floating in space - you still have to keep in touch! We can make that easier with customized emails, newsletters and airdrops. We can even help with blog posts and relevant content to keep the community in the know.


Fungible, Non Fungible. Crypto and Blockchain. Think of a token as a unit of value in the context of your application, game or company. We have the experience to help you define the optimal structure for your tokens and how to use them.


DAOs can do just about anything a traditional company can: provide various services to customers, create and invest in new projects, and even generate profit for those holding its tokens. So why not set up an NFT-based DAO? Now you're thinking ahead.


What's better than space travel? Earning points for playing your favourite games and trading them for amazing rewards. We'll build a gamified experience for your most loyal fans. Automated and generic in-game challenges. 300+ PC and Mobile games supported.

A Few Recent Launches

The complete solution for companies who need to launch web3 projects quickly and successfully.

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